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Topic Title: Using a Holland Grill as a smoker?
Created on May 5, 2010 at 01:09 AM

Dutch H.

It looks like the Holland grill can second as a smoker. Low heat over hours of cooking. Is this a possibility?


Not exactly.
Fill the drip pan with water or apple juice. The grill will cook at a lower temp & will add moisture to your food.
After the liquid boils out, the temp will rise & light up the smoke pellets adding the smoky flavor & browning at the end.


Some folks may object to this technique, but for some smoke flavor on the Holland, I have had some success with placing a cleaned out tuna fish can in rear corner with smaller sized wood chips placed in it to generate smoke. I am a hickory nut. ha!


I want to do a Texas style brisket in my Holland and have never in 13 years used it as a smoker, most recipes require 6 to 8

@ Jo Ann

On this web-site >Recipes >Beef >Jeff G.'s brisket. It doesn't get any better.


At my Holland dealership in North East MD, they offer a "smoking cone" similar to the old pyramid shaped incence (only bigger). Just light it up and let it smoke It is not a Holland product (sorry, can't remeber the name), but it worked great on my brisket that I slow cooked with water in the pan and the smoke cone on the grill grate. Brisket was nice and smokey...much more smoke than can be generated on the chip tray



I just picked these up and never have used them. Is this the product you are talking about?


That's them. They worked well for me....lots of smokey flavor on the brisket. It's hard to tell if they're lit initially on a deck bathed in sunlight, but they start smoking pretty quick and very profusely.

The add says you can cold smoke with them as well...haven't tried it yet, but there might be a scottish smoked salmon in our future


I did the brisket per Jeff G's recipe and it was fabulous. My group told me I could compete with the Grillmaster here in Raleigh. I did make a BBQ sauce using an Emeril recipe but that was on the side and never mopped on the meat.