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Topic Title: Searmate won't light completly
Created on May 17, 2010 at 12:01 AM


My Searmate is very hard to light. When I try to light it down at the opening, it takes once in a while and then shuts down about 30 seconds later. Plus I can't get it to light the whole pad. I then tried to light it at the back end and that took but it didn't come down to the front for like 5-10 minutes and then it was just on the one side. Shouldn't the whole burner light up?

Nick (Ricks Neighbor)

Also fellas, can you run the Searer at the same time as the grill. I know that it works BUT does it take any temperture away from the main part of the grill. We tried to test that but his Searer was not lighting properly. He had it lit one time before and it worked perfectly and seared a steak on it.
I am sold cooked thighs on Rick's Grill tonight, first time ever. I was sold on the S-420 Weber and I am going the Holland Route. Thanks guys.

Nick (Ricks Neighbor)

Hey Ricky,
I am SOLD, going to call tomorrow to get price and order APEX. AHH Shoot I am going to make another post to see what the guys think about SS vs Alum. What will i do with my time once this 2 Month Anal Search of a new Grill was for me. Kathy will be so happy that i finally bought one. Man I hate being so picky about stuff.

Nick (Ricks Neighbor)

The problem was that the wrong ORFICE was installed for his Searmate. New Orfice on the way. OK Rick get your but home so we can do some Flank with the Chimmicurri