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Topic Title: Cooking Themometer/Probe/Timer
Created on May 20, 2010 at 01:15 AM

Nick (Ricks Neighbor)

OK fellas, now that I got the APEX, I am gonna need AX Sessories. Which themometer to buy and why. Who has one and why do you like it. Maybe one of those wireless ones but do they really work?? Talk to me.


I would recommend that you go to Kohl's and get the same one I have which is made by the food network. Heavy duty cord, magnetic bag so it will stick to the base of the grill. And very inexpensive.

Nick (Ricks Neighbor)

You know me better then that buckerooo!!! It took me 8 months of research for my grill that I just got, and I am guessing the themometer research will take about 1 month due to grilling season upon us. Maybe I Phone makes an APP and i can put my Iphone inside the grill. Gas line should be installed on Sat. Get that Margarita Maker Started, I got a nice Brisket for the Maiden first time grilling. Or maybe I should post to find out what it should be, or did the guy from Holland say to do BACON first to SEASON the grill somewhat. Decisions Decisions.


I got the char broiler remote like 19.00 at walmart monitor cooking time and temp while enjoying time with family and friends has a 100 foot range had mine going on 3 years works great... Enjoy your new holland treat it right and it will serve you many years mine is 23 years old looks almost new and cooks like new