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Topic Title: uneven heat
Created on May 22, 2010 at 02:41 PM


have one side of grill that does not get as hot as the other....any ideas?


I've owned my holland for 15 years and have had to replace the burner several times. The only thin I can think of is that you may have several port on the burner stopped up. Mine gets that way from the metal diffuser flaking off above it. If you have access to an air compressor you can clean that out by blowing through the air intake where the gas handle is located.Should have a screen over it. Also you may want to make sure the screen is not obscured with debris.

If you have filters in your stacks(some do) you may want to replace them. I use the filter you get for over the stove(silver mesh square) and cut them to fit the holder.
Hope this helps. I also assume you have checked the FAQ on this site.


I forgot to include checking for level. Heat will run uphill.(path of least resistance) That can make the high side get hotter than the low side. See the leveling guide for more info. I hope this solves your problem.

@ Jano

Which grill? How old? What condition is it in?
If it is not level or if you have parts rusting away, it will not heat even.
Do not use an air-compressor anywhere on the grill! Vacuum out any loose rust or loose food particles down in the bottom under the drip pan. You can block insect screens inside the burner if you blow air in it.
If it is an old grill with stack filters, take them out & throw them away. They are not necessary.