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Topic Title: switching from propane to NG
Created on May 22, 2010 at 09:05 PM


is it hard to switch to NG?

Stafford P

1) Get the model number off the front of your grill.
2) "Parts" section, your model, "Gas components".
3) Purchase correct NG orifice for your model.
4) "Grill accessories" section, purchase 12' QD hose.
5) "Grill care tips", instructions on changing the orifice.
6) Connect hose to grill gas valve, other end to house NG connection.

RTR griller.


Nick (Ricks Neighbor)

Easy as Pie and I am not mechanic. Just did it this weekend AND put NG line in from existing T connection in the house. How about those CHOPS this weekend RICKY. I AM SOLD on the Apex I lOVE IT I LOVE IT. NEVER had a CHOPS so tasty, and Juicy on the SEARER. 2 min each on each side then let rest for 2 min. WOW. Med bone in Center Cut Sirloin Chops. OMG.


Thank you. If I ant other ? I will ask.