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Topic Title: How many ribs on the Holland
Created on June 2, 2010 at 04:12 PM


I have made baby back ribs on the holland for different events and people love them. So far I have only been making two racks of ribs at a time.

50 minutes on grill with wood chip smoke (coat in olive oil and your favorite grill rub)
50 minutes on the grill wrapped in foil with apple juice in the foil
50 minutes in a cooler
Eat and enjoy.

As anyone tried four racks in a rib rack with the method above?

What is the most racks of baby back ribs anyone has made at once?


I have done up to 5 full racks at one time but I have the larger 748 square inch cooking grid I do mine about thesame as you do yours but at the end when I put the bbq sauce I do all different flavors

Nick (Ricks Neighbor)

Did Wet ribs on Sat that were AWESOME. about 3.5 hr, wood chips, dumped almost 1.5gal of water and one beer in the pan. Then the last hour i put on Budweiser BBQ Sauce (Wally World) They tasted like the sauce was on the cow at birth. Let them rest when done. More testing this Sat. Got rave reviews from everyone, however I messed up a Brisket, cooked it too long. Had 2 Grills going all day, and was drinking "Refreshments" at Rick's House.


When you do the five racks of ribs to you lay them flat or use a rib rack so they stand on edge?


Did you cook your ribs for a total of 4.5 hours using water and beer in the pan? Did you wrap your ribs with foil with the sauce on for the last hour? Will this work for pork baby back ribs or is the cooking time too long.
Appreciate your assistance.

SD Kid

Hi Every one!, Starting to get a little mileage under my belt with my new holland grill. Did three birds, several brakfast, and a beef roast. Only the beef roast came out over done, but it was still very good. I used the holland wireless timer/thermometer, I used the thermometer and set it for rare 140 and it came out extra/well. I stuck the probe in about two inches think that was too deep? Any comment appreciated.

I have two racks of baby back pork ribbs thawing out right now in the fridge, and wonder how long to grill?? The one I am using I found here, its 40mins, turn, twenty more mins, remove from grill wrap tightly in heavy duty alum foil, after adding your sauce, back on the grill for One more hour. Total two hours, it that long enough?

I apologize to the poster of this thread, I am off topic, and should have started a new thread, after I typed this forgive?


My holland is big enough I just lay them flat the new hollands are smaller so you may need a rack


I did some very similar but I anted 2 flavor so I devided between 2 Aluminum pans poured a whole bottle of BBQ sause over each batch covered with foil cook about an hour then remove from pan and place back on main grid for about 25 min this is OMG good as the sauce cooks right into the meat and oh so tender.... Now understand My reunion is over 22 years old and has the 748 square inch cooking grid I think the new are only like 421... wish they would come back with the larger grill again


Hey Russ, Have you tried rib racks? I can get 6-8 full racks on the Heritage+ when I use my rib racks. (they're from Weber) Shhhhh.


Checked out rib rack @ bass pro and figured I could place 3 sets @ 6 racks each I can get 18 racks HUMM nice for parties great idea TerryO GOD I LOVE MY BIG HOLLAND please bring them back


Checked out rib rack @ bass pro and figured I could place 3 sets @ 6 racks each I can get 18 racks HUMM nice for parties great idea TerryO GOD I LOVE MY BIG HOLLAND please bring them back OH by the way that is the whole rack just like they take them straight off the hog.... and yes I go straight to the butcher and get them within a few hours off the hoof the fresher the better... I get my beef ribs the same way no frozen if I can help it and so much cheaper than store bought
You can see pics of my 22 plus year old holland in the show us your holland section


Nick (Ricks Neighbor)

I did nothing, I cooked them entirely on the grill, no moving stuff around, no pans no covering with aluminum. I am not knocking anyone eles's style but this is the easy route and i dont think all that is needed. The rib rack sounds like it would work so you could load it up. I put the meatey side up first so the fat can drip down thru. I never put sauce on until the last hour otherwise it would burn. These come out on the goey side when they are done. Not sloppy soupy ribs, i just dont like them like that. Some people like vanilla, some like chocolate. If you would have asked me 20yrs ago that i would be posting on a GRILL website, i would have told you your nuts. LOL


How long did you cook your brisket I did mine total of about 9 hours and it was MELT literally in your mouth awsome 4hours slow cooked water in pan 3 hours in foil 2 cups of apple juice and 2 hours in a cooler NO ICE wrapped in a towel trust me you cook your brisket this way you will NOT be disappointed been doing mine this way for over 5 years and have had compliments from even competative grillers and want to know how I do them


did 18 racks of ribs thanks to TerryO for mentioning the rib rack I bought 3x6 rib racks and went to my butcher and had 18 racks fresh (NOT FROZEN ) from there to cooler to grill slow cooked with water in pan for the first 3 hours devided into 3 aluminum pans did a mustard and vinigar based store bought sauce on one batch did hickory based on another and the third I used a store bought rib seasoning called sweet and smokey by grillmasters put on heavy on each rack and poured about 1 cup of apple juice in that batch covered and cooked for about an hour then removed from pans 1 batch at a time back on the grill for about 30 minute to get sauce nice and sticky then cut into 3 rib sections and placed on table group of 15 friends and family NONE LEFT for left overs


I do 3 full racks on my Legacy at one time but I take the carolina seasoning and apply it the nite before and let it season the ribs. Then when just about done I apply the Sweet Baby Ray bbq sauce and let cook for 15 mins each side. I baste both sides and then when done I will put on tin foil and apply some fresh bbq sauce and let sit for 15 minutes wrapped. Never had any complaints and have been cooking for the neighbor hood for 5 yrs now.


wonder if Spare ribs rack cook about the same time? I like spares better than BB's, seem to be more meat for me.. I want to do some this weekend but want to figure out some times...