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Topic Title: Statue of Liberty
Created on June 8, 2010 at 09:16 PM

SD Kid

Just had to share, its funny, but not to me at the time. I did my first try at two racks of baby pork ribs. This is on my new apex, so I take care of it like a new car. The ribs came out perfect, but when I just put them in the grill, thats when the rain came in, I stood there for almost two hours, one hand held the umbrella, and the other a glass of budweiser beer, and my wife would refill it when I ran out! lolo She took a pic of me so I will not forget! Funny but when the ribs were done the rain stopped giving me time to remove the ribbs and clean my grill. I made a side order of my special sauerkraut to go with the ribbs. This is more fun then going to Vegas lolo


Great story SD! How did you do your ribs (time, seasoning, etc) and why not share your special sauerkraut recipe with a fellow Holland-griller? Your wife is my new hero-she's a saint! lol

SD Kid

Not sure if I am doing the picture right, but here goes??? Beer and grilling love it!!!lolo


Hey, SDkid,

From your picture it looks like you're in the Hills. I'm from the Sioux Falls area. When I'm at the rally I'll look you up for some good ol' Holland grilled food and get away from the over priced grub at Sturgis. Thanks for your input on the thermometers........

SD Kid

You must be a biker guy! Yep the beautiful Black hills, I lived in Watertown, them moved out here after I retired. The rally is a fun time, I never rode,I know I would have enjoyed it and been a natual, but boating won me over, I love boats, maybe I can take you for a ride on lake Pactola and a few cold ones! lol Lot of my friends from Watertown ride and i miss them! This year we may be going to Texas, not sure yet?


Small world SD Kid, I grew up on our dairy farm 22 miles north of Watertown on I-29. Got a lot of seat time at Loken's sale barn and then it was a treat to go to the Wheel Inn for burgers. Take care...


What a small world we live in. Another South Dakotan here - we are in the Mitchell area.
Have a son that is a firefighter/paramedic in Watertown and that loves to ride his bike to the Hills.