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Topic Title: Ribs
Created on June 17, 2010 at 01:20 AM


I want a easy recipe to make good ribs on my epic.Any one have any?

SD Kid

I just did my first try at ribs, baby back pork ribs. I did one hour on the grill tuning once in that time, bring them in the house to wrap them up in heavy duty aluminum foil, after you brush on your favorite barbecue sauce, do not pour I tried that and it makes a black crusty mess! I did two racks so I was able to try different flavors sauces. go for another hour. Since my grill the apex its going at 420deg, I feel it would have come out better for an hour and thirty minutes, not two hours. I added some of the ribs to my special sauerkraut which I will post. All I can say I have never tasted ribs this good until I done it on the Holland grill!!!


I do mine about 2 hours with water in the drip pan then double wrap in HD aluminum foil with about 1 cup of apple juice for about an hour and a half then remove from foil place back on the main grid brush with your favorite BBQ sauce for about 25 min till bbq sauce is sticky they will be moist and oh so tender.... I know it seems long but since you don't have to baby sit them it is worth the extra time for GREAT ribs I am doing 18 racks this weekend straight from the butcher from hoof to grill about 2 hours if you can get them this way you will NOT be disappointed... I do store bought as a last resort but butcher right up the road 20 minutes



Here's a baby back rib question, Do you take the membrane off? I aways did until my butcher told me leave it on as it is easier to scrape off as it shrinks and seers when it's done. Haven't tried it yet, just wondering how everyone else does it. Thanks.....


I leave mine on when cooked like right above your post you can't tell


Buckshot I do baby backs a couple of times a month. All I do is lightly rub them in Carolina Seasoning (I cut each rack in thirds) and throw them on the grill.

I do about 25 minutes per side and then serve. We are not crazy about "wet" ribs so we don't use a sauce.


thanks for all the help everybody who replied


Alright... I've been bragging about my new wrangler grill. Now my father is coming up for a taste test. I am not a grill "Rookie", turned pro due to Holland. I want to impress him and he deserves the BEST RIBS EVER!
So... It would seem best to steam the ribs on either beer or apple juice. But what's the best baby back rib recipe? I'm not sold on any of the above post being the best, maybe they are.
I've got a week or two to prepare.

I'm thinking, apple juice steam for an hour, then last 1/2 hour brush on the sauce. (Just me guessing)