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Topic Title: Grill Light
Created on June 25, 2010 at 11:39 PM

BBQ pro

Hey eveyone, I just installed a handle grill light on my epic grill. It is awesome when you need extra light for grilling at night. I bought it at my local Home Depot. It is a Grill out handle light made by Weber. The model number is 7516 and it cost about $19. I hope this heips.

Great grilling...


You must get up REALLY early if you are cooking breakfast in the dark!

BBQ pro

Good idea... I will try the light tomorrow morning. Thank you for the sugggestion. I will report out to all the early birds:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Nick (Ricks Neighbor)

I like it I like it. I was going to buy one and see if it fits the handle on our grills but i guess you tested that. Great work. All i got to do is justify why i want one since i have a light directly over head on covered deck. HMMMM. Or do I buy a case of beer with that $$$. Decisions Decisions.

SD Kid

I can remember when a case of the King of Beers cost $3.00, lololo But then I could have bought a corvette for $7,000. I have a deck light also but when I am often grilling after dark, not morning, even with the above light it does not show how the steaks are looking, so ya this sounds like pro chef! lolo,


SD Kid,

$3 a case oh those were the days. During my years at FSU you could get a 6 pack of Wiedemanns (Heilman Brewing Co.) aka "Wheaties" for 69 cents a six pack with returnable bottles at Jax liquors. Yes at the time it was the breakfast of champions not that cereal stuff. It was awful but in those days it was always quantity over anything of quality (read 70 cents and above).


Grill pro

Well I just tried the light this morning Sam and I must say that your idea was a good one.
Thank you...