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Topic Title: Improving the website
Created on June 27, 2010 at 12:54 AM

Mike R

Since I can't seem to find the Holland line in larger retail chains, it would be nice if the people who run the company included better and MORE pictures of their products on the website... let's have more close-up pictures and a lot of them...just some constructive comments here, mot meant to be negative by any means, just improve the website!!! ..I would like to see better photos of your products before seeking them out...

Holland Grill

Hi Mike. We agree, we do need more detailed and better pictures of our great grill. We will get to work on that. In the meantime, try our dealer locator on the website. Enter your zip code and a mile range and see if there are any Holland retailers near you. And you're right again, we don't sell to the mass merchants. Thanks again for your comments.
Click on the link or cut and paste to go to our FIND A DEALER function.



I searched numerous websites, retail stores consumer reports etc before deciding to buy a Holland about two months ago. The versatility of the grill is amazing, transitioning mundane grilling into "adventures in barbeque" In the short time we've owned the grill we have steamed seafood, slow roasted brisket and beef round roast, grilled chicken and cooked breakfast. I highly recommend this grill!

PS...the website blog is very informative and helpful