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Topic Title: Using the steamer
Created on July 5, 2010 at 07:15 PM


How long should I put corn on the cob on when I use the steamer


i dont know but here is what i did couple weeks ago. i soaked 10 ears with husk in water for 6 hrs. then put them on half rack and put 2 slabs ribs on main grate knowing it would take longer[cause of water/steam] and it took longer but the corn was done sometime b4 ribs

p,s, howard

i opened the pan valve after 1/2 hr cause of concern that the corn would get to done., after i started i was sure the corn would get done too soon.any ideas on how to do corn and ribs at the same time with corn soaked in husk???


I cook my ribs 45min on grill...then put them in pan and cover with BBQ sauce. Then put aluminum foil over pan and back on the grill for 45 more minutes. After you have the ribs on the grill for 15 minutes...put the corn on the grill and it will cook the last 30 minutes together....


i dont even use the steamer leave it right in the husk and put on the main grid for thirty to forty minutes


Today I finished assembly of my new Apex w/Searmate, can't wait until tomorrow for gas leak check and burn-in. I was wondering what the "half rack" is that hannananna put the corn on? Thanks in advance, new Holland griller.


"Half grid", in the "Accessories" section.

Tom Kirkman

Part of the beauty of the half rack is that the cooking time on it is the same as when cooking on the main grid. So you can put your corn or potatoes up there and do the steaks or chicken underneath. Frees up a lot of space.