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Topic Title: Time for cooking turkey
Created on July 10, 2010 at 08:58 PM


With Holland Digital Thermometer and 12-14 lb. turkey the alarm set for 180 degerees the alarm went off in about 2 hours does this mean the turkey was done in 2 hours. The way I figured the weight of turkey and time should have been about 3.5 hours. Am I doing something wrong? THANKS


ITs 15 min per pound OR when it reaches 180 deg.
As long as you put the thermometer in the meaty part and not against a bone.

Sounds like the thermometer was not in the middle of the turkey. Seems like it wouldve taken a little longer.


I've found that the best place to put the thermometer is in the thigh. It takes the thigh a little longer than the rest of the bird to cook. Therefore, you're assured of a done turkey.


Skip..where do you put it for chicken? I have been using the breast...thanks


Chet: I put the probe in the chicken thigh also. I also use the Holland Roasting Post, which makes for a really tasty chicken