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Topic Title: Wind blows out flame
Created on July 19, 2010 at 12:02 AM


Can anyone tell me if they have had problems with the wind blowing out the flames? I never had this problem with my other gas grills and the best I can figure is there wasn't vents on top like there are with the Holland. Is there any grill which is best suited for windier places?


I use my grill year round rain or shine wind or not NEVER had wind blow out the flame make sure your air mixture is correct


Living in Oklahoma, we've got some WIND. (it comes sweeping down the plains)

The Holland is so enclosed, that I've never had the flame even act like it might go out.


Check your air shutter. If it's open too much, the flame can flutter and blow out. Call Holland or check your manual on how to set it. Good luck.


What model grill do you have???????????//


Check your vents, I had trouble with mine, so I took out filters in the exhaust stacks, no more problems..

@ all

If any you have an older Stainless steel grill with the filters in the stacks, take them out & leave them out.

If you allow them to block up with grease they can stop air circulation in the grill, the burner can starve for oxygen & go out. If this happens while you are cooking, you could have an explosion.

For the same reasons do not block the stacks with foil or any other materials. It is dangerous.