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Topic Title: HELP--pulled pork
Created on July 19, 2010 at 12:53 PM


OK-I am going to make the BODACIOUS BOSTON BUTT BBQ from the holland recipe book...just have says serves 6-10 thats what I need but it says 1 Boston Butt Roast (football size) please--how many LBS would that be, I am not going to the butcher and say "football size" . The recipe also say that total cooking time will be 5-6 hrs but people who have made it say 2-3? I also cannot control the temp?? I believe I have the Apex Stainless grill, says to put it in the shade -no its is hooked up to the propane line of the house! does the water that I add slow down the temp? each time? If anyone can comment great!!


Ok so now I did read up on it--yes the water /or beer I add will control the temp!


I do mine 2hours unwrapped 2hours double wrap in HD aluminum fiol and 2 hours wrapped in heavy towel in a cooler NO ICE.... Bevery careful when unwraping as it is still real hot.. If you follow this it will be super juicy and pull super easy then if you want after pulling put into aluminum pan with your favorite BBQ sauce and put back on the grill 15-20 min. serve with your favorite sides and enjoy

NOTE: i do not put anything in drip pan


I do mine exactly the same as Robyn mentioned above. Sometimes I let it sit in the cooler for 3 or 4 hours. I have had pretty good luck with this most of the time. I have done a couple that just didn't turn out real tender (as far as pulling), but I guess it was just the cut of the meat. Some I have had to turn out so tender that it could be easily pulled with a cheap plastic fork !!! They have all turned out with great taste though !


My husband and I deciced to follow the recipe from Holland Grill EXACTLY as it turned out fantastic.....I think they have you wait to pull it till the next day as the fat turn white and you end up with only very tender meat and fat was awesome....