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Topic Title: Ham
Created on July 21, 2010 at 12:02 PM


We would like to do a ham this weekend. Any ideas on cook time per pound?

Hank Jr

Grill it about 12-14 min a pound. Since most hams are precooked, use a digital meat thermometer and cook it until internal temp of the meat reaches 140. Basically on a precooked ham, you're just warming it up. But I do hams on the Holland all the time and they're fantastic! good grillin



Hank Jr, gave you some good advice on temp. I too let them go to an internal temp of 130-140┬░. I would like to pile onto his post also.

If you are attempting a spiral sliced ham use some food netting (I buy it from Alled Kenco)to help hold the ham together or truss the ham up with string. If you don't do either you tend to burn the outer edges of the slices.

One last thing hold off on the glaze if you decide to do this until the internal temp is in the 120-125┬░range depending on the temp you have decided to remove the ham from the grill.


Thanks for your help.