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Topic Title: to buy new or to replace
Created on March 24, 2008 at 09:04 PM


We've had our Holland about 12 years the best grill we've purchased and have purchased a lot. We started noticing some problems and have come to the conclusion we need a new bottom and all new "guts". Is it worth replacing or would you just buy new. We're not really mechanically inclined and I'm not sure how hard it is to replace all the parts. Any advice would be appreciated.

the demonstrator

With the new features on the new grills, plus them being made of better material, I would probably buy new. I'm sure yours' does not have a control panel ignitor, and the convenience of this alone would make my decision easier.


I just purchased my first Holland Grill at a yard sale for $20, (1991 model) it was in same condition as you describe yours. I purchased the complete bottom replacement kit. It took less than 45 minutes to remove the old rusted out parts and replace the new ones. Was cooking on it within minutes after installing the new bottom.

I've always been told that if you ever have a Holland you won't cook on anything else. By golly they were right! I now have a Holland which cost me just over $200 and it is the best grill I've ever owned. I'll never go back to anything else.