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Topic Title: Brisket
Created on August 15, 2010 at 06:06 AM


Going to try brisket! Listened to a champion BBQ cooker on the radio (He has won Memhis in May more than once).
He said he puts his spices on meat and refrigerates for 2-4 hours...then gets grill up to temp (water in Holland pan with your secret ingredients). Open hood every hour to add hot water. When temp gets to 170 and meat starts to pull back retract...then wrap meat in Aluminum foil add sauces and wrap...put back on grill for three more hours! Then take the brisket off the grill and put the aluminum wrapped brisket in styrofoam chest for 4 hrs...with top closed. It will still be cooking in the ice chest so be careful when you take it is hot. Remove aluminum and let it breath for 30 minutes...then it is ready! You should be able to smash the brisket and it will fall off. Anyone try this?


This is pretty close to Jeff's recipe on the Holland recipe page. Has anyone tried the meat in the cooler after cooking? I am going to give this a shot when I have z whole day to tinker with it.

Jeff G

I have had good luck with the technique in my recipe. I would try to avoid going above a 195 internal temperature when pulling to put in the cooler. At lower temperatures there isn't much carry over cooking. When brisket is over cooked when braising, it will literally fall apart(not a bad thing, you can always mix some bbq sauce in with the shredded brisket for some awesome sammies!). Brisket meant for slicing is usually best around 195-200 degrees, that's been my experience.