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Topic Title: Grill has never gotten hot
Created on March 28, 2008 at 11:03 PM


I got my Holland (The Apex) for a wedding gift from my folks in Aug 2007. The thing has never gotten into the Green Section of the temperature gage, (which starts at 350 degrees) and it takes a half hour to get close to 350. Then it takes over an hour to cook the food. I can't get the dealer he bought it from to do anything about it. I tried a new regulator, didn't help! When I look through the peep hole at the burner the flame is just a small blue flame. My Dad's and brother's flames are bigger and orange colored, (they both have Holland's and swear by them). I'm so fed up that I have an $800 Grill on my deck and I'm still having to buy charcoal and use my old Charbroil Grill that I have for tailgating just so I don't have to wait an hour for my food. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated!


I've had the grill on for a half hour now and its only at 275 degrees. I have the official The Holland Grill meat thermometer probe in the grill and it is reading 275 as well, so I know it's not just the thermometer on the grill misreading. HELP!


Hey Clint. I experienced the same problem with my grill and was bumfuzzled on how to get it fixed. Turned out, there was a tiny bit of metal shaving stuck in the orifice. The orifice hole is so small that it doesn't take much to block it off and effect the heat. Removing this obstruction cured my heating problem immediately. I had a guy from our gas company do the work.

the demonstrator


Since you changed your regulator, this shows me that it is definitely an obstruction in your gas flow. I would, 1st, check the orifice to make sure nothing is blocking the exit hole. I would then look at 2 things: Is there a blockage in the valve? Sometimes a little bit of plumbers putty can leak into the valve, and cause reduction of gas flow. And secondly, did something get up into the burner and cause restricted gas flow?
Also, I'd like you to e-mail me the area in which you live .... I handle 3 states for Holland Grill Distributing and want to make sure, if you are in my area, we get this resolved. E-mail me at


I took the whole grill apart this afternoon. I took the gas valve out and checked the orifice, it was clean and there were no blockages. I also blew through the valve and there didn't seem to be anything blocking it either. Then I tapped the burner to knock anything in there loose and sucked it out with a shopvac. I put it all back together, lit it and for an hour and a half I moved the air shutter to different positions and let it burn. The thing never got over 300 degrees. It's 60 degrees outside. The thing is, the grill has never once worked right or heated up past the green. I am utterly disappointed. I live in Missouri. Any help you can get me would be appreciated! Thanks!

the demonstrator


Where did you get the new regulator? Also have you used the same tank?One more thing when you had the burner out did you take the top off and check the screen inside for a blockage


I've always had the same LP tank. I did not remove the burner, just the gas valve and the orifice, and the screen and air shutter going into the burner. Do you think I need to take the whole burner out? I read under the trouble shooting that LP tanks not working properly can sometimes be a problem as well. I hate to get a new one when this one's not empty though. I appreciate your feedback demonstrator!

Terry (Illinois)

Clint, You'll need two tanks anyway especially when one runs out in the middle of a turkey cooking. Make sure you turn off the valve on the tank when you finish. If you open the tank first, then the dial on the grill, you will have a lower temperature. Be sure to use the correct order. I hope you get it cooking soon!


If you havn't already done so, it's time to call Holland tech (800-880-9766). From my experience, new model Holland grills typically preheat to about 450 degrees after 30 minutes in 60/70 gegree weather. The temp yours is getting to is typical for an LP grill where something is being done to activate the safety valve in the regulator. Have you tried the reset?
Turn everything off. Take the hose off the tank for 5 minutes. Replace the hose on the tank.Turn the tank valbve on slowly. Light the grill.If this doesn't work, call Holland.

the demonstrator

Clint, see if you can borrow a neighbor's tank to see if your check valve may be stuck and not allowing proper gas flow from your tank. also, did you replace your regulator with a Holland regulator?


Hey guys, I appreciate all the feedback. I did replace the old regulator with a Holland Regulator. I will try a new LP tank next. I haven't tried calling Holland Tech yet. I'll keep you informed on my progress. I can tell with everyone's enthusiasm that when I get this grill working properly I will be impressed with the results!


Did you get your grill working?

What bothers me is that the dealer who sold the grill acted uninterested in helping you. Word of mouth is the best selling tool there is for anything.

you should report them to Holland.

goof luck

henry miller

I have an older heritage and it has never been over 325F. It has new burner, hose, tanks ect.. I just assumed the never got much hotter. I love the grill but can't wait for an hour for a piece of chicken. I have a smaller regular gas grill for chicken and a few other tasks. I was thinking of adding a seconsd burner to grill to get it hotter. Any ideas? Thanks


If you are on LP gas with a tank under the grill, you are probably dealing with the Govt. mandated safety valve in the regulator. Apparently it is designed to close off gas flow if it thinks there is a leak because of a drop in pressure. You must reset it if you do anything to bleed the pressure out of the hose.
Holland told me how to reset it by taking the hose off the tank for a few minutes, reconnect it, then turn the tank valve on very slowly.
It worked for me & I always get a good strong flame & 400+ after I do this. Give it a try or call Holland. Don't live with low heat!


I have an old Tradition ( 12 yrs ). The dealer I bought the grill from bored the orifice out 1 size when I bought the grill. It consistently gets to 425-450 in about 20 minutes - depending on the outside temp. He started doing this after complaints about food taking so long to cook.

I use the grill several times a week and have never had any problems with it.


I have had the same problem but the Holland website had the answer. I was turning the gas off at the tank and leaving the grill valve open. This affects the tank safety valve. Turn the grill valve off. Disconnect the regulator from the bottle for a minute or so then reconnect. Turn the bottle valve on and then relight the grill by opening the grill valve. When finished cooking turn the grill valve off first - this simple change fixed my grill and it heats quickly to over 400 degress. Good luck.


Clint, if you haven't solved your problem yet, try this. When you open the valve on the LP tank, just crack it open a little at first, then open it slowly for the first full turn. once you have done this you can open the valve all of the way and light your grill. If you open the valve too quickly, it can trigger the check valve inside the regulator and restrict your gas flow.