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Topic Title: Epic Vs Apex
Created on August 30, 2010 at 04:41 PM


I am considering a new Holland grill because I can no longer get a replacement bottom for my existing model. I live in Arkansas and the humidity is a factor. We do have cold days in the winter as well. Which grill is the best choice?



I have had an all stainless premier II for almost 11 years! No rust not rot no nothing other than my cast iron burner is showing signs of corrosion. I live in New Orleans. It doesn't get much worse than that weather wise. I say bite the bullet and go stainless you wount regret it


hawgwheeler, I agree with Dave. 11 years on my Legacy (stainless) and no rust at all. Just like the day that I purchased it. Of course I am biased, as I have been selling Holland Grills for 11 years as well. I also live in South Louisiana where the weather conditions are condusive to rust. Please consider the new SearMate with your grill sears your meat to hold in the juices,and imparts that char flavor that you will love.