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Topic Title: Delayed Cleaning
Created on September 12, 2010 at 12:53 AM


Hi Every One, been a nice holland grill summer, this being my first Holland grill, the Apex, All I can say I feel sorry for those grill lovers that have not yet discovered the Holland!

I put a 13.5 lib. turkey on the grill this earlly evening, and half way through I ran out of propane, so I always have a reserve, so no problem but now it will be very dark after I finish and I always like to clean my grill right after I take the good stuff off. If I can wait until morning I am kinda thinking I should warm up the grill for a few minutes and then start the scraping cleaning, Just wondering with you veterans, is this a bad practive not to clean it the holland grill right after grilling?? Thanks! Bob


You're right, it is easier to clean the grill when it's warm but go ahead and eat dinner while that turkey is hot and juicy! It's no problem to heat it up and clean it the next day. I've been doing this on my Classic for 15 years now and works like a charm.


Thanks, great to hear that.


Actually I forgot to clean my grill and I used oven cleaner on the grid and drip pan- it came out really nice and clean

Franklin D

Careful! No oven cleaner on anything that is not stainless steel. If you are not sure, don,t do it.


LA AWSOME great stuff been using it on my Holland for the last 10 years only cleaner I use works great and not bad priced.. lots of hot water before but at 23+ years young I LOVE MY HOLLAND

Joel in Texas

How exactly does everybody clean the lid of their Holland? Do you take it off to clean to prevent getting water in the grill when you rinse it off? Thanks!


I clean my lid once a year total disassembly and spray with LA awsome let set and spray out


Man, don't worry about cleaning that thing after cooking on it. Take that food and enjoy your party, grill cleaning comes later. As for me, I scrap down the cooking grid with a brass brush, close the lid and walk away. I don't clean my drip pan until it gets REAL bad. Then I fill it full of water, cook my next meal, eat while water is cooling, drain and scrap the pan. WORKS GREAT.... more eating, less will take it, its a grill guys, .

Mike Owens

I very rarely clean my drip pan either. I use to when I first got it, but thats to much trouble and I can't tell any difference. Like Alan..I wait until it gets kinda thick and then I fill with water, turn on the burners for a while to heat and loosen up the crud and then scrape it out. Main thing is to just keep your drain pipe open.

Arthur M

Allowing a lot of build-up in the drip pan is risky. The thicker it is, the more heat it absorbs instead of letting it through to cook. If it absorbs too much heat, it can flash & you have a drip pan fire with a lot of fuel to burn which is very difficult to put out.

The Holland has a great no flare warranty, but it's based on regular cleaning of the drip pan. Read "Prevent flare ups & grill fires" in the trouble-shooting section.


Arthur, I respect the fact that the posibility of a fire could accure do to excessive build up on the drip pan, but I can tell you with confidence that I have cooked anywhere from 30 to 40 meals on my grill between cleanings and have never had a fire. I can also assure you that my meals are as good at the 40th as it was at the 1st. My point here is, new owners, enjoy your meal and don't worry about the grill, it will perform as well the third time as it did the first. I have to say though, I grill at least five times a week year around, and not interested in cleaning a grill after every time I grill. If I have to spend more time cleaning then eating, I promise you this, I WILL find something else. I have been purposely abusing this grill for 3 years now, and am still very happy with its performance and longevity and will continue pressing its capabilities to the limit. NOTE: If my drip pan will last me for five to six years before I have to replace it at $85.00, I will consider myself blessed, because I have been spending $600.00 to $800.00 every three to four years for a new grill (do to no replacement parts, or replacement part cost) before I purchased my Holland. I'm not recommending that Holland users follow my example, but I am saying, don,t be parinoid about fires or performance, this grill does not require cleaning after every use unless you own a CORVET or PORSCHE. Happy grilling and fun eating. Information from a true Holland lover and still testing.