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Topic Title: Lighting the grill
Created on September 13, 2010 at 05:37 PM


I have had my holland for 3 years. I am having trouble lighting the grill with the peizo lighter. It is sparking as it should but the grill will not light when I try to use it until the unit is full of gas and then it pops and sort of explodes. This just started this summer. If I use a match it lights within 3 - 5 seconds of turning on the gas. Can anyone offer a suggestion? Thanks in advance.


Tim--you might need to spread the prongs of the electrode (which is inside the grill by the burner) apart just a little, much like gapping a spark plug. Sometimes heating and cooling can cause these prongs to move closer together. They will spark but won't arc over to the burner. It happend to me and I found on Holland's website pictures of how to do this under CUSTOMER SUPPORT.


Thanks, Carl. I had to do that when I got the grill and will try it again.