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Topic Title: Heritage vs. Heritage Plus
Created on March 29, 2008 at 12:19 PM


Sorry if this is posted somewhere but I couldn't find out...

What is the difference between The Heritage and The Heritage Plus?

I found 2 vendors selling one or the other within 40 miles. One sells The Heritage for $569 + Tax, and the other sells The Heritage Plus for $629 + Tax.

I've been reading up a lot about Holland grills and so far it's got my attention. I am in the market of buying my first Holland grill and looking to make a pleasant purchase. I'm an avid griller and had been using a Charbroil gas grill for the last 15 years. It's time to go as I've already replaced the burner enough times and the body is rusting apart.

Anyways, if somebody could shed some light on the difference or direct me to a link, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, and much obliged.


Hey Cal
I just bought a Heritage Plus and had the same question. The big difference is that the Heritage Plus has an all aluminum bottom that won't rust. I paid the extra to get that. Good luck


Thanks for the quick response.

... out shopping for a new Holland grill!



I caved in and went for The Epic.

Looking forward to my first experience with the Holland grill.


The Heritage Plus has an aluminum base to prevent rust and a different hinge system.

Ralph F.

Hey Cal - worth paying the extra couple of bucks - the Heritage Plus has an aluminum base which will not rust.