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Topic Title: Frozen hamburg patties
Created on October 2, 2010 at 04:59 PM


Just got my Holland grill so I'm getting used to the timing. Can anyone tell me how long to cook frozen hamburg patties? I don't usually cook frozen patties from Costco so I don't know the timing.


THAW them first! Never BBQ frozen meat!


I'm assuming the patties you have are raw, if so you must thaw them before you put them on the grill. However, I buy fully cooked frozen Angus burgers from Schwans and they go from the freezer to the grill. I cook them about 20 minutes on each side and they turn out great!


Doesn't that defeat the purpose. Precooked I mean...


I've cooked frozen patties before can't remember how long but they turned out great frozen chicken breast do two.


You folks can have my sallmenila(sp)

Dan the Man

In Ga we are able to buy a "Bubba Burger" They recommend to cook it frozen. I just cook them until done and they are great. Simple evening meal.

Jeff G

Thin food like pre made burger pattys and chicken breasts should be fine to cook frozen. They are not real thick, so they should be fine. I know a guy that cooks 1 1/2" thick frozen ribeyes over a 700 degree fire, he likes the outside crusted and the inside rare!


Just cooked 4 Buuba's agnus burgers on the Holland. Eating one while I type. You cook these burgers frozen. Pre heat the grill for 20-30 min and cook on one side 20 min. Flip the burgers over and cook 10 min. Place cheese on burgers and cook another 5 minutes. Perfect.


I've done the same thing with frozen brats however, I didn't preheat. Just threw the frozen brats into the cold grill, and fired it up. After 20 min. I turned them over and then another 7 or 8 min. and they were perfect!


Frozen burgers from Costco are meant to be cooked frozen.

Instructions on the package tell you this. They fall apart if thawed first. and FYI they are delicious!