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Topic Title: smoke daddy test
Created on October 19, 2010 at 02:41 PM


@BBQFREAK--Something about your post caused a technical error within our Blog. I have reposted your comments and other responses. Thank you for your contributions.
--The Holland Co.


Original Post, Oct 17--ok fired up the s/d on my apex[installed under shelf on right at bootom of shell] seems to work great so far put in apple chips with some peelets in first to get started. dry rubbed 4lb. rump roast and will smoke 2 hr. then lite and smoke till done will update later tonite


I was unsure how you smoked on the Holland. I have tried it and the temp get way to hot. I like to smoke about 225.


I installed a large smoke daddy on my Holland. It puts out alot of great smoke, but didn't seem to add much flavor. Too much of the smoke escapes, I think. I'll keep at it.


You're taking a very risky, dangerous chance covering Holland's stacks with foil. People have tried this in the past and the flame "choked" out leaving the gas running with no flame. One click of the igniter and the grill may make the news. Good luck


something fishy here. not sure why my posts were deleted. i try to help other bloggers with ideas. what i did to the apex should not be a problem with holland. i am trying to help others use the holland with better ideas and not hurting a thing. if you read the post clear thru i think it is clkear what my intensions are? right?

@ BBQ freak

If Holland allows posts which could, under certain conditions, cause someone to be injured or worse, they would be legally liable for a lawsuit.
Don't put them in that position. They have been making grills for 25 years. They know what can happen if the stacks are blocked in any way. They have nothing personal against you, they are just protecting themselves.

SD Kid

I do not see where he mentioned to cover the smoke stacks? Anyways I did our last turkey with the Holland smoking pellets, put some in the drawer where they are ment to be, this was my first time smokeing this way. All I can say both my wife and I noticed the change in taste, it really does not take much smoke to give it that smaoke taste, and it was great.

Now if you want to get into real smoking a turkey as I have done in the pass, buy a smoker and then you have to brine your turkey over night, then after drying your turkey the next day put into a real smoker, then finish off in your oven or the Holland grill. That is the best smoke turkey you can make, it seals the juicess in more then any other method I have tried, it actually turns the skin to rubber making a perfect seal. HTH My best turkey yet was a butterball, when every turkey comes out the best on Holland grill the only upgrade possible it the brand of turkey, or condition of the bird!