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Topic Title: boloney
Created on October 23, 2010 at 09:13 PM


Has anyone tried cooking thick sliced boloney on the Holland? I've been frying it on the stove which turns out good and makes an awesome sandwich. I'm going to try it on the Holland but if anyone has tried it, I'd appreciate the input.


Yes I have done it. It turns out very well. I used slices about 1/4" bu am going to do thicker next time.
Remember baloney is not like beef, it just needs warmed up so it only takes a few min.


i love smoke boloney on the holland lite my smoke dady and put a 4/5 # stick on for about about hour wrap in foul eamty a cola in the foul about 15 min my my so good in 3/8 to3/4 sliecs o my whats left if any make a boloney salad