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Topic Title: Roast Beef
Created on November 1, 2010 at 03:34 PM


Williams-Sonoma has a Fire House Rub...try this! Wash 2 1/2# roast...sprinkle rub over roast and put in refrigerator over night. Pre-heat grill. Place thermometer in middle of roast and remove from grill at 160 degrees. Put on plate and let set for 15 minutes. Put through slicer and slice thin...great for sandwiches or entree.


Try 155 can always cook longer if you need too.


I've used nothing but Holland's Carolina rub and I haven't found anything better. It makes a hot dog taste good.


So what kind of roasts, beside a rib roast, are you guys having success with?

(BTW, I used the Carolina seasoning for my Boston Butts...amazing!)



I grill eye-of-round beef roasts on my Holland all the time. Grill it until the temp of the meat is about 135 degrees in the thickest part. That will give you some rare, med, rare and the ends will be well done. Slice it very thin and dip it in some horseradish. Yummy!


I like the Carolina Rub...but sometimes I like something different...try the Fire House might like it. The 135 is great idea to get different temps, but it is just me, the little woman and LuLu the Std Poodle and we all like the 155 again is a matter of taste.