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Topic Title: Maverik
Created on November 4, 2010 at 01:17 AM


Just sold my sister inlaw a Maverik and she love's it she can't say enough good thing's about it.


I saw the Maverick at a hardware store this week. It's price of 499 has made me decide to go ahead an pull a trigger on buying a Holland. I can't wait to get it this weekend.

Mike R

@William T, please let us know what you think of it.. here is a link that shows much bigger pictures then on this site. it's really a sharp looking grill, the handle could be different, not sure why they want the "spring or coil" look on a handle, but other than that, it's tempting to try this grill.


@Mike R. Well those pictures at your link didn't look any bigger but thanks. Who's "us"? Do you work for holland/

Mike R

@WilliamT, no I don't work for Holland, if I did you can be sure I would fight for more and better pictures of the products on the website...!!


the lack of pics is a real problem for new people to get the holland basics in there head. they need more pics of all models on here.


@Mike R and bbqfreak--I like your ideas of having more and better pictures on our website. Please elaborate on what type of pictures would be helpful--pictures showing the inside of the grill?; showing the grill from different angles? Pass along your specific thoughts and we'll make it happen.

--The Holland Co.


@Holland, if you look at the link below, you will see the kind of pics... high quality and up close.. You should show the insides better along with the control knob area, just having more angles of your product would be a huge improvement, food sitting on the grill looks nice as well..just check out the link for example..


Just picked up a maverick today. After a few grills I was suprised to see the maverick in a power supply place 10 min from my house. $ 499 no brainer. The salesman told me to leave the bolts loose while getting the base together. good point. took a little finagling. fired up no problem hit 400 and just stays there.My deck was very windy today flame barely budged. no more wonder if its cooked


Concrats! now put a whole chicken on for an hour and enjoy