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Topic Title: How old is your holland
Created on November 29, 2010 at 06:25 PM


Trying to get ages and types of your holland mine was made 04/88 748 sqare inches of cookin area and only had gasline replaced 2 years ago... Thanksgiving 3 13lbs turkys at the same time... GOD I LOVE MY HOLLAND REUNION


i have 3 hollands tradition apex and classic two all a-1 how do you know year?


I have an 07 Epic and a Classic of unknown age


My Holland Classic was purchased in 1997 and still going strong. It's endured some very harsh weather with very few parts replacements. And the food is still great.


mine is printed on thr holland face plate on the front of the grill has all info on it


Mine is 12. Bout to have a teenager on my hands!


ok, after a nice talk with the holland people they told me i have 1998/99 classic 2 and a 2000 tradition and a 2008 apex thanks holland. i have to say i like the classic two the best cause of the low and high burner. i can cook low and slow with it on low setting. stays around 250 to 275. ribs are great along with butts.


My Classic is 12 yrs old and in great shape! If your lookin, your not cookin! Heard that line from somewhere. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas


I have a 2008 Companion & a 96 Classic. The Classic shows some surface rust but cooks great! I would love to have a new Epic or Apex but I see no reason to get rid of it. I have had the hose replaced but that is all. Try that with a "Big Box Store" grill


This is why I love the reunion made 04/88 and going strong 3 turkeys @ once


I've got a Classic from '92, and I've replaced the bottom about 5 yrs ago. Another thanksgiving with guests saying: "Tell me how you made this turkey come out so moist. This is the best I've ever had!"
They look so puzzled and doubtfull when I say: "I just grilled it." Then I tell them 'the rest of the story'.
Like someone else on here said, I'd love to have a new one, but I can't bear to part with it.

Captain Steve

I have stainless premire bought the first one 1992 in Raleigh was told this would be the last grill I WOULD EVERY HAVE TO BUY. LIER I have never cover it up and have used it 4 to 7 times a week. I have since bought one a stain less premire at a yard sale and then had to have a compane for the boat. I do hope to ware it out. but no luck on that yet. Captain Steve


I just replaced my 15+ year old classic with a Heritage Plus.


I received my Holland for a Wedding present in June, 1999. It has been sitting out on my patio, uncovered much of the time, and the grill is in perfect condition. I have cleaned the burner one time and it is now hooked up to a 150 lb lp tank.


I bought mine in 1992. It is still going strong.


I bought my Legacy at an estate auction back in '06. Who knows when the original owner first bought it. Use it 2-3 times per week, year round. All I've done to it is replace the burner and the trays. Other then that, still working like a champ!


I've got a Classic II and purchased it somewhere around 1999-2000. It worked great, but the bottom rusted out and the burner is not staying in one place. Does anyone know how I can get a bottom unit for the Classic II? I can't seem to find them for the Classic II in the parts section on


2001 or so,Same thing with what I think is a classic II bottom rusted out and burner is moving around.

I think I'll cut up some steel bolt it down and keep on going for now.


I Have a Holland Classic also that is 11 years old and the bottom shell has rusted out and you can get every part but that, which I think is crazy! Thats one way to get you to buy a new grill.

Hey Boone

If you have the original Classic, they were discontinued 13 years ago. They had replacement bottoms up until early last year.Some of those Classics are 20 years old.

They can't keep making them forever, the tooling is worn out.

big mike

Bought my Holland in 1989 and finally just wore it out, still grills great but the tub has finally rusted out, going to buy another Holland grill today.