Topic Title: Country Ham
Created on December 18, 2010 at 04:54 PM


I cooked a 16.60 lb. country ham yesterday and carved it this morning and the ham is excellent and very easy to cook. This is the 4th country ham I have cooked on the holland. I cook one every year for our family dinner for Christmas. This is what I do:

The process begins Wednesday when I clean the ham with my wire grill brush to get the grit and mold off. I then put the ham in a large pot and fill the pot with cold water, enough to cover the ham. I place the pot in the frig to soak. I change out the water ever 12 hours and continue this process unitl Friday. When I change out the water on Friday morning, I leave the pot on the counter so the ham can get closer to room temperature before I cook it.

Friday afternoon I light the Holland grill and let it warm up for 30 minutes. While the grill is warming, I take the ham out of the water and cut slits in the fat so the juices can flow into the meat. After the 30 minute warm-up time, I place the ham, fat side up, on the grill and pour apple juice over top of the ham. I let the ham cook for 15 minutes and pound and every 1 hour open the lid and pour apple juice over top.

When the ham is cooked, I wrap the ham tightly with heavy duty aluminum foil and leave on the counter over night to cool. The next morning I carve the ham out and enjoy.

For a 16.60 ham, it took 4 hours and 15 min to cook. A very simple way to cook a country ham with excellent results.

Just wanted to share my experience in case anyone was looking ways to cook a country ham.


What temp did you cook it to?


I just cooked by time. 15 minutes a pound.