Topic Title: Thermometer
Created on December 19, 2010 at 11:38 AM


Recently my probe thermometer (white with red buttons) wouldn't stay on. As soon as you pushed a temperature button it immediately went to off. Ordered a new one and the only one I saw that Holland had on their web site was the wireless remote thermometer. Works great except that the timer alarm that is suppose to sound off when the probe temperature hits the set temperature doesn't work. Used it 4 times so far and have yet to hear any alarm go off. Any suggestions of answers. Emailed Holland but haven't heard back from them yet. Thanks


If your is like mine the alarm is really soft I almost have to put it to my ear to hear it


I have one of the new wireless ones. I have no problem with the alarm being loud enough. It did take some time to figure out how to set it to either internal temp or time. Have you heard back from Holland yet??


Yes and they were extremely helpful and willing to work with me. He admitted that they have a serious problem with the volume on the alarm and have been in contact with the manufacturer as they have had many complaints. He told me that he is talking with a representative of the company and would not send me a replacement until he talked to them. He was very professional and readily admitted they had a problem.