Topic Title: Need to Preheat?
Created on December 19, 2010 at 04:15 PM


I always use a meat thermometer when I cook so I know that meat is sufficiently cooked and is safe to eat. Are there any reasons why I should preheat my Holland prior to placing the meat on the grill and then wait until the finish temperature is achieved? For some items the 10 minute preheat time is longer than the cooking time so I am wasting propane.I have heard that preheating prevents the meat from sticking to the grill but some Pam spray fixes that problem. Is it safe in terms of food safety to start the Holland and then immediately place the meat on the grill?

Gary O

The first heat that hits the meat is what seals the surface to hold in the juices. If the meat heats slowly, it won't be as juicy.
That's why you preheat your oven in the house before you put the food in. Why do you preheat a skillet so it sizzles before adding the meat? Same reason.

BTW-If you are on LP gas with a 20 lb tank under the grill, total burning time is about 40/45 hours, depending on the model. What are you saving in 10 minutes?


Really? Mine gets about 18-20hrs per tank. And I'm happy with that!


My 23 year young reunion gets 38-40 hours on a 20 lb tank you may want to check your seal or you my be getting shorted on your tanks. I have gotten tanks from our local Walmart that were only half full now I carry a scale in my truck full tank is about 35-37 lbs

Gary O

Sorry guys, I did make a mistake in my calculations.

Theoretically, the black grills with a #55 orifice should burn about 21 hours & the stainless grills with a #57 orifice should burn about 30 hours on one 20 lb tank.

Still not bad & better than most "flamethrower" grills.