Topic Title: Low Flame
Created on January 31, 2011 at 04:52 PM


I have a Holland Classic that is about 18 years old. The flame has gotten to be about 1/2 as big as it used to be. Ant thoughts or solutions?


Hey Jim have you tried cleaning the burner I blow air through mine to keep it clean but after 23+ years I am looking to replace it with a new one but having a hard time finding a compatible one for my reunion

@ Jim

Don't blow air into the burner or you can block the insect screens inside under the cap of the burner. It's best to use a shop vac & vacuum out the burner from the front after taking the gas valve off.
The color of your flame is critical.If you have a short yellow flame, clean out the burner. If it's short & mostly blue, not enough gas is getting into the burner. This is usually a blockage in the gas valve or a regulator problem.