Topic Title: Preheat Searmate?
Created on February 20, 2011 at 11:49 PM


I'm new to Holland Grill technology. I cooked my first steak tonight with the searmate and grill. I cooked a 1" thick NY strip. I seared for 2 mins on each side and it wasn't enough to carmelize the seasonings for that nice cruncy steak exterior. The 2nd side did a little better than the first. This makes me wonder if the Searmate needs some time to get up to temp? Opinions?


I always preheat my unit for about five minutes. I want that SS grid good and hot before I slap the beef to it. I believe the hotter the unit, the better seal I get during the sealing process. Give it a try next time and see if it works better for you.


@Donnie--definitely give the SearMate 15 minutes or so to heat up. It takes a bit to get the thick stainless grate "searing" hot. Try it again, I seared a 2" thick filet the other night about 2-3 minutes per side. It was awesome. Then finishedit on the grill.