Topic Title: ?500 degrees?
Created on March 3, 2011 at 12:31 AM


Just bought Epic yesterday. It stays at500 degrees. I know that is way to hot. What can I do?? Would a regulator work?


The newer grills get hotter than the older grills. 500 after preheat is not uncommon on a brand new grill, but it will settle down after a few cookings to about 450. The old grills usually maxed out about 400.


For slow cooking ribs does the temp need to be around 400-450? Seems like that would be to hot but maybe not.

Stafford P

To lower the temp, fill the drip pan with water or apple juice before lighting the grill. It will also add moisture & the temp will slowly increase as the liquid boils away to finish with a nice brown crust.