Topic Title: Searmate Igniter
Created on March 6, 2011 at 09:59 PM

B Sads

Has anyone ever added an igniter to the regular searmate??? I'm thinking of adding one to my unit.

Not sure why Holland didn't design or offer an igniter with that model searmate??? Doesn't make sense to have an igniter on the grill and not on the searmate??

Roger T

The stainless steel SearMate has an igniter & the black one doesn't. It's a matter of cost. If the igniter is so important to you, get the stainless one.

b sads

Let's see a $150 upgrade to a stainless searmate just for an igniter??? Whan an Igniter is around $20 ??? What would you do???


Probably buy a Bic disposable butane lighter for $4.