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Created on March 12, 2011 at 09:44 PM

Tom Kirkman

I know that you have to adjust the recommended cooking times suggested by Holland to suit your personal taste and/or the temperature of your grill. For most meats, I've learned that if I back off by 2 minutes from what Holland recommends, I get a nice, medium cooked item.

But pork is different. I have to back off as much as a full 10 minutes to keep the pork from being overdone. This evening, I grilled a 1-1/2 pork chop for 8 minutes per side and it was perfect - not even pink inside, but tender and juicy. Best pork chop I've ever eaten. The Holland cooking chart shows 12 to 15 minutes per side. No way I could cook it anywhere near that long and not have it come out overdone and dry.

I'm wondering if anyone else has found the same to be true when cooking pork chops on the Holland?


Nope....I've found that to cook a pork chop of that size to proper temp takes about 40 mins total.

Jeff G

The holland cooks at 400-425 degrees. What you are more than likely experiencing is "carry over". The higher the temp something is cooked at, it still continues to cook for some time after, larger items may carry over even longer depending on it's mass, and will cook even longer if tented to rest.

Tom Kirkman

Even a thick chop cooked on my Holland (430F) for 40 minutes would be as crisp and dry as a cookie.



Sometimes pork looks like its cooked but its not.
Its not as red as say hamburger.
With Hamburger you can see if it is medium, rare, or burnt just by looking.
Pork is a little diff in that any red color will go away but its still not cooked.
You gotta make sure pork is done.

Tom Kirkman

I always make sure its done and on my Holland it gets very done in very little time.

Just wondered if anyone else had this happen on theirs.

@ Tom

Holland grills, depending on age & model, do not all get to the same temp. You apparently have a recent model which will get hotter (cooks faster) than grills just a few years old.
Some customers used to complain that the older models did not get hot enough & cooked too slowly. Holland responded & now people complain that the grills get too hot & cook too fast. The difference is only about 50/75 degrees.

Tom Kirkman

Thanks. I just finished an inch and half thick pork chop. Cooked it 8 minutes on one side, 6 on the other. That's only about half what Holland recommends, but it was absolutely perfect!


Congrats. You have the hottest/fastest cooking Holland in captivity. Where is the award??

Jeff G

For thinner items like chicken breasts, pork chops and steaks, nothing beats a quality instant read thermometer. The best one on the market in my opinion is "Thermapen", they are expensive, but well worth it.


I did a test with a thermometer to test how long a 1" thick steak would continue to cook. The internal temp continued to rise on the plate for 4 minutes and rose exactly 9° from the temp just off the grill.


Here's the best tip I have ever learned and applied....I LOVE 1-1/2"-2" Iowa chops (thick pork chops). The local butcher suggested that I cook them on the bone. The bone of the chop is in the shape of a "T". Invert the "T" and set the flat part of the bone on the grilling surface. The heat actually goes through the bone and helps cook the thick chops from the inside-out. You never put the meat in contact with the cooking grid. The thicker, the longer but worth the wait, you will never cook them flat again. 2" chop, about 45 minutes depending on the outside temp. In winter here in Minnesota I have to wait 50min to an hour. Perfect every time!!! Never a dried chop or a charred surface! Try this and let me know...I love it when I'm right!

Tom Kirkman

I've heard of doing that but haven't tried it. Might just have to give it a go.


I use a thermometer so I don't look at the time, just temp