Topic Title: Lent - Need Fish Recipe Ideas
Created on March 25, 2011 at 01:44 PM


Anyone have any suggestions/favorites?


Look under the RECIPES section on this website and click Seafood. Here's the link to cut and paste


Donnie, if you have the searing unit that's the way to go! Salmon, tuna, halibut... sear on high for 1 minute each side and enjoy! If you don;t have the searing unit and need to bake, then place fish on foil with butter, lemon slices, slivered almonds and some cajun seasoning. About 1//2 hour to 3/4 hour depending on how thinck the fillet. Enjoy!


Hey- I found several good fish recipes in the Holland Grill cookbook- there is this sauce made with brown sugar and mustard that is good on everything too- check it out- also they now have some free samples recipes on this website- check it out!


If you really want to get creative and you have a Costco nearby, get a jug of their Mango Salsa! Geeees this is good on fish! Especially Salmon!