Topic Title: steamer and corn
Created on April 10, 2011 at 06:11 PM

Tom Kirkman

I'm not sure anyone will have an exact answer for this and it may be a matter of experimenting, but I'll ask just in case.

The past few evenings I've been experimenting with the steaming feature of the Holland. Generally, I grill a piece of corn (shucked and wrapped AF). I know the corn will take 35 minutes at the normal 430F my grill operates at. But with the steamer going, my grill only reaches about 250F.

Does anyone have a good time estimate for grilling corn at this lower 250F temp? I'd still like to cook the full meal on the same grill at the same time. Thanks.


Tom, I really think you are missing out on even better corn by wrapping it in the foil. Kind of defeats the purpose of the steam and all, also, none of the flavor from a seasoned grill can get to the corn. Try soaking it in the husk in sugar water and place directly on the grill rack. 45 minutes to an hour as we all know our Hollands all cook a little different one to another. Leave the foil to the over causious!

Tom Kirkman

What I'm doing now tastes pretty darn good! But I'll certainly give your method a try. Thanks for mentioning it.