Topic Title: Considering a Holland
Created on April 23, 2008 at 01:36 AM


Can you sear a steak on a Holland grill?

I like my steak Medium Rare and Juicy, will a Holland do that?


The best steaks I've ever eaten--and believe me I've eaten a bunch--have been grilled on my Holland Grill. Blackened, not BURNED--Medium rare--juicy like you won't believe!


The Holland Grill will not sear a steak, but it will cook the best steak you ever wrapped your lips around!

Mike-Slayton, MN

I too, used to cover my steak with virgin olive oil, and coat with sea salt, and then sear it on a grill, then turn the heat down, and finish cooking... awesome.. but that still didn't beat the med well steak I grilled 3 nights ago on the holland... something about it, really made a great steak! Made pizza last night, that looked a little funny in color with some blackening from the "smoke" but it tasted great! Hope you enjoy!


love my Holland Tradition, but my Weber charcoal grill is grill of choice for seared steak. Another awesome steak is seared and cooked in cast iron skillet

Randy Says

Don't buy one. They rust out and the warranty stinks!


I grilled a whole chicken that was split down the back with the back bones removed, you know so it lays out nice on the grill. The usual seasonings of course, 25 minutes a side and I thought I'd made the best tasting juiciest most incredible chicken ever. I never want to go out for chicken again if thats how good it was.
I bought my Holland 10 years ago an long island from a hardware store in Oyster Bay. I have never seen another one on long island. I bought the floor sample. Its as good as ever and makes the best food. I haven't cooked a steak in a while but maybe this week I'll give one a shot and let you know.

Franklin D

I've cooked many a steak on my Holland & I won't cook on anything else now. Just preheat the grill a few minutes extra to get it hot, slip the steaks in without opening the lid all the way. A little Carolina or Greek seasoning is all you need to get the flavor out of the meat.
My grill is about 12 years old & has earned it's way into the hall of fame.

Stafford P

@ Randy,

Yeah, mine rusted through too, in only 16 years! Classic EZ bottom kit $199. Like new again.

How often do you hose yours out?