Topic Title: ribs from book recipe
Created on April 20, 2011 at 09:25 PM

Tom Kirkman

I have the latest Holland Grill Recipe book. Decided to try "Fall Off the Bone Tender Ribs." According to the recipe, you cook the ribs 45 mintues, then remove and place in a grill-proof pan, with sauce and coverer tightly in foil. Then another 45 minutes cook time. Then, remove and place back on the grill for 15 more minutes.

When I first read this I thought that this is an awful long time to cook the meat - surely it'll be dry as a chip. But what I noticed is that with a large portion on the grill, even with solid pre-heating the temp is staying down around 350F for the initial 45 minutes, and with the covered pan it's down to just 275F.

I'm wondering if the prolonged cooking time is due to the originator (Dale Olds) allowing for the lower temps, or is this just my experience?

If the times listed are for the normal 420 to 430F, I see now way to get that temp with this recipe. If they're allowing for what is known to be a lower temp when cooking this way, then I guess I'l okay.

PS They do smell awful good! 30 more minutes and I guess I'll find out.


I tried this recipe but not the last 15 min.out of pan on the grill. The ribs were tender & very good. My only concern was when I took them out of covered pan the sause was blsck& baked on the pan making it almost impossible to clean.

So my question is how to make them just as good but not to burn the sauce(45 min. in covered pan with sauce seems like a long time).


Maybe use a foil pouch instead of the pan