Topic Title: Holland Companion
Created on April 20, 2011 at 11:07 PM


I have an holland companion grill . My problem is that the flame goes out really easy even with a very slight brews . The flame , when burning is a blue flame I just have a hard time cooking on it for going out so easy. Also I have to cook on high , if I was to go to low it goes out even easier . Any thoughts on what I need to try


@ Bud

Not enough gas is getting into the burner. Weak flames blow out easily.
If it is doing this with a small 1 lb tank, you may need a new regulator.
If you are hooked up to a bigger tank with a hose, it could also be the hose.


As mentioned above the regulator could be the problem.

Beforee you purchase a new one here is some low hanging fruit to consider.

1. Are you sliding closed the light hole cover? I've forgotten that a couple of times and flames went out.

2. Run a coat hangar down the burner tube to see if you have any spider webs in the burner. Very easy for them to get into the burner tube unless you cover it. For long term storage I cut off the finger of a disposable rubber glove and slip it on over the end of burner to prevent spiders.

3. I think its a 1/4 inch wrench that is required to remove the orifice from the requlator. Clean it up a bit (don't enlarge the hole) you may have some dirt or grease gumming up the works.