Topic Title: Duped
Created on April 29, 2011 at 08:10 PM


I purchased a Stainless Steel Holland in 1995I was told at the time (by the dealer) that it had a lifetime warranty.I just purchased a new burner for it...definitely not warranted.Other than this one experience,I have been pleased with the grill.The price I paid for it in 1995 would indeed lead one to believe the "lifetime warranty"pitch.

Roger T

No Holland grill has ever had a "Lifetime" warranty. The actual warranty period varies depending on model.

Blame the dealer, not Holland for telling you this. On most models, the burner & cooking grid have a lifetime warranty, but do carry shipping/handling charges, which are a lot lower than retail prices.

This is clearly spelled out in the first paragraph of the warranty card that comes with every grill.


RogerT..I thought I made it clear in MY first sentence that I thought I had been mislead by the dealer. I placed no blame nor did I criticize Holland.

Roger T

No problem. Just trying to clarify for other Holland owners.