Topic Title: Burnt Chicken Wings
Created on May 4, 2011 at 12:27 AM

Tom Kirkman

The only dish I still struggle with on the Holland is chicken wings. To get them done on the inside, I have to burn the outside to a blacken crisp. Tonight, I cooked them for 15 minutes per side. They were just about right on the inside, but the outside was a crispy/crunchy blackened mess.

Any ideas? Chicken wings are the only thing I can't seem to get right on the Holland.

Jeff G

Are you cooking the wings with a seasoning with a lot of sugar? Or putting a sauce on too early? The Holland cooks at a pretty high temperature and sugars will burn very easily.


My Chicken Wings come out perfect each time I cook them on my Holland. I only use seasoning, not sauce and cook them 15 minutes per side. When done, I then put them in a zip lock bag with my preferred sauce and coat them in the bag. I have raves each time I cook mine.

Tom Kirkman

15 minutes per side would be way too long on my Holland. They're only lightly seasoned, no sauce until the last 5 minutes and then only on top.

I'll get it right, eventually.


Tom, from viewing some of your other posts, I do believe you have the hottest burning Holland grill out there. 1/2 hour wings on my Heritage sould send folks to the hospital with salmonilla poisoning. most people complain about their units not heating enough. I would have to really try hard to burn anything on the heritage let alone get something crispy. It just doesn't happen. summer time temp on mine is 425-450 depending on how much food I have on.

Tom Kirkman

Maybe it's the way the flame is adjusted. I'm doing chicken wings a couple times a week now - 15 minutes per side is well done.

Same with about all the recipes I see in the H cook book - I have to cut way back on the times. For chicken, pork, steaks, burgers, etc., just 8 minutes per side for a 3/4 inch thick item is more than enough.

Arthur M

Unless I've missed it in all your entries, you still haven't told anybody how hot your grill is actually getting to in the normal 30 minute preheat.
If you think it's too hot (over 450/475), call Holland. They might have a slightly smaller orifice.

BTW-The air-shutter adjustment should be made so your flame is mostly blue with yellow tips with the lid open. Don't use the air-shutter to try to control the temperature.

Tom Kirkman

Thanks. The temp guage, which I replaced with a model that is very accurate, shows anywhere from 420 to 440 depending on outdoor temp and wind

That's not really out of line, I don't think, and the flame it blue with light orange/yellow tips.

I've eaten enough food to know if something is done or not, and with any piece of meat, say about 3/4 inch in thickness, just 8 minutes per side gives one a medium cook (steaks show no pink in the middle). Chicken breasts and pork chops are ver juicy but obviously done (completely white and firm in the middle).

I think one thing that makes a difference is that I really don't "dally" when I open the lid to put food or flip something. I crack it open and do what needs to be done and get back out. I don't lose a lot of heat.

Early on I tried using the times suggested in the Holland cook book and on this site, and ended up with blackened outsides and grey insides. The stuff was edible, but terribly dry and tough. I'll just have to accept that mine cooks a little differently. I've learned how to use it now and can consistently turn out great meals. So all is well.


"I've learned how to use it now and can consistently turn out great meals. So all is well." ------FINALLY!!

Now maybe we'll see a few constructive posts with positive comments and innovative recipes instead of complaints of "burnt wings" and such.

Tom Kirkman

You're way off base. You might want to do a search of my many previous posts here over the past 3 months. Few people have championed the Holland as much as I have.



I can say Tom has been very good about posting and championing the Holland product. As with any new Holland owner there is a wee bit of learning curve thats associated with the purchase and good golly Tom has been when willing to learn and share his experience.

I for one enjoy having him in the Holland fold and hope he keeps telling us about his cooks, asking questions and sharing information


Jeff, no one is beating up on Tom, in fact I wish he lived next door, I'd love to trade Holland cooked food over the fence. I wish he'd wheel his grill over and park it next to mine and have a grill-a thon with me! Everybody is just doing wha we do best, cook something, share the experience and see how we can improve our perfomance. Over the years, I have shared a lot and learned twice as much as I've learned on this blog. Tom is the first I've encountered or read about with overdone food on any Holland model. You're right he comletely champions the Holland experience and that helps all of us. These Holland cooking machines all seem to be quite different one to another. Even the same model can vary in cooking perfomance.
I enjoy the conversations on this site and to my knowledge nobody ever "disses" anyone unless they speak negatively about the grills we all love. We are a different breed, I know of no other grill owners that talk to each other daily or weekly about their grills and how much they enjoy them, cook on them, and entertain around them.
I always have since the day I bought it and always will defend my Holland and put it up against the direct flamers anyday, any time of the year. Does Holland tick me off every once in a while? You bet they do. But the constant improvement mentallity of the company keeps me a loyal customer and friend to other owners.

Tom Kirkman

I think Sam was beating up on me, but I doubt he'd been following my many positive posts about Holland since January when I bought mine.

By the way, this evening I cooked my 100th meal on my Apex. I have also finalized what I feel is a terrific chicken wing recipe that gives me the best wings I've ever eaten. I'll write it up and post it over the weekend. It took some trial and error, but I'm happy with it now.


Think you mean Sam not me (Jeff). Got no beef at all with Tom as I posted. However the 3rd post above mine (4th above yours) sure seems to have issues.

Totally agree about Hollands cooking at different temps all 3 of mine cook a bit different with the Legacy being the coolest, Classic in the middle and the Companion running the hottest. All are within I'd say 30 degrees of each other.


I have always used wing racks. Bought them at Walmart, allows you to hang a dozen wings by the drum. Just spray the part of the rack that contacts the drum with Pam. For football season I'll do 1-2 doz wings at a time (you can fit 3 doz on the Holland). Last week I did 2 doz, seasoned and cooked them about an hour, then laid them on the main grill to paint each side with BBQ sauce for 5 mins. Total cook time depends on how many doz you do at a time.

Tom Kirkman

I have wings down to a science now, but thanks for the tip. I'll have a look and buy one to try. Thanks.


Tom when you say you have it down to a science is it the way you recommended to me on June 10, 2011. I have been satisfied so far but if you have improved on them please let me know as I am always looking for tips on ways to improve.

Tom Kirkman

I preheat the Holland to 420 or 430F.

I wash the wings and pat dry with a paper towel.

Then I lightly coat them with olive oil and shake on some Uncle Yammy's or Holland Cajun spice. Let sit for about 20 to 30 minutes.

Then put on the grill for 15 minutes, quickly open lid and flip wings. Grill for another 15 minutes.

Then, open grill and flip wings, coating top side with sauce of your choice. I like Sweet Baby Rays. Grill for 5 minutes, then remove, let stand just a few minutes, add more sauce to taste, and enjoy.

My Holland grill seems to be super efficient. This much time results in wings with a skin that is just slightly crispy. Depending on your grill you may have to adjust the time just a bit. The skin should come out just a little bit crisp. When you hit that, you've got it and you'll enjoy the best wings you've ever had. I'll never eat another "fried wing."


Thanks Tom. That is the same one i got from you before and it works really well. I don't know the last time my family ask to go out for wings.