Topic Title: Getting Temp up
Created on May 7, 2011 at 02:18 PM


I have the Premier Holland Gas problem is not able to get the temp up. I cleaned the orfice and have been attempting to get the flame to a blue with yellow tips, but can not get the temp to rise over 275. Any suggestions?

@ Jerry

What kind of fuel? If you are on a 20 lb propane tank, if your burner & gas valve/orifice are clear, the only thing left is the hose/regulator. Premiers are pretty old, try a new hose/regulator.


I have a Premier II and it never got hot enough and I made a last attempt at the dealer to correct the problem.
He checked with Holland and the orfice needed to be changed to a bigger size as the original did not heat the grill to the right temperature.
It works perfect ever since.


@Jerry and Jake...thanks for the ideas. I decided last night to go for a new hose. Will go ahead and order a new orfice if that does not work. I like the grill and do not want to buy another yet as it is a great grill.


Changing the hose/regulator and orfice helped bring the temps up. Working on the flame to get temp up more. Thanks for the advice