Topic Title: Low Temp
Created on May 7, 2011 at 08:45 PM


Ever since I tried to use the side burner the grill will not heat past 250. Is it possible I didn't turn the side burner off, all I could do was close the valve, is that right?


if you didn't turn side burner off and turned your tank off and on you may have tripped a saftey valve on the tank disconnect your tank make sure both the grill and side burner are off reconnect tank turn tank on first then grill and see if that takes care of the problem


I don't have a side burner but I have the Searmate. If I light the searmate before the main grill I don't get presure or enough heat to the main grill. If I light the main grill first, then the searmate I have no problem. Can't figure it out but figured out the method anyway.