Topic Title: Hottest in the corners
Created on May 30, 2011 at 01:07 AM


I have a HOLLAND PREMIER which I have loved but it is been more problems than I want. Couldn't keep the temp up, but changing the orfice to a larger opening and then changing the Host/Regulator seemed to change that issue. Also removed the screens to the smoke stacks. But now the problem is the heat is hotter in the corners not evenly distributed. Temp is ranging from 400 to 425 degrees though I feel you need closer to 500 degrees. Any suggestions? Have been playing with the flame to see if that helps but has not helped much.


Since the drip pan is sloped toward the middle, and heat rises, the corners will always be hotter.

Tom Kirkman

It can work to your advantage - when I have someone that prefers their meal a little more done than the rest of us, I simply place their steak, chop, etc., near the outside edge of the grid, usually near the back. For the same time on the grill, we get a nice medium done piece and they get a medium well piece. All in the same time frame.