Topic Title: tips for cooking in the winter?
Created on April 24, 2008 at 06:44 AM


Any northerners cook with their Holland over the winter? My Holland works great otherwise but I've tried a couple of times in the winter but it just doesn't work, just a waste of LP. Any one have any tips? Last time I tried it was probably 10-20^ F outside. Oh yeah I live in South Dakota, it was around March or so.

Mike-Slayton, MN

I've heard from a friend that if its cold, or windy, you can cover up the stacks with a tin can from a quart of beans for example.. just what i've heard.. haven't tried it, but noticed that wind makes a big differance too.

Cooker D

Hey guys,

PLEASE, DO NOT COVER THE STACKS with anything. You could be making a bomb this way. The burner needs the air circulation to burn properly & can possibly blow out or go out if you cover the stacks. It's dangerous.


Take it from a guy who learned the hard way. Don't cover up the chimneys. It can cause the flame to blow out and now you've got gas running and not burning. My lack of eyebrows is a constant reminder of that. And oh yeh, always light your grill with the LID OPEN. I use a thermal blanket made especially for grilling in cold weather. I simply lay it over the grill in the winter and it SAFELY keeps the heat in. Love my Holland.


Go to your local dealer and have them get you an orfice that is a size to two bigger to use in the winter, we do it all the time for our customers here in Iowa.