Topic Title: Holland Tough - Wow
Created on June 10, 2011 at 06:16 PM


GREAT STORY....I just finished talking with one of our customers from Joplin, Mo. this afternoon. She told me a story I would like to tell you. She purchased a new Holland Grill from us last summer for her back deck. Her property was taken by the May tornado and all was lost. Someone found her Holland Grill in the rubble several neighbors down and brought it back to her, guess what, it was not damaged. Yep..."I could of had a Holland" neat story, right?......<:)


Great story especially if you have seen the destruction that occured. Another reason to consider a Holland grill, that is durability.


In 2005 my Holland Companion went underwater in the flooding of Hurricane Katrina. I cleaned it out, and voila it works like a champ. I have to agree they are tough!