Topic Title: New grill
Created on June 13, 2011 at 05:25 PM


Just purchased my 1st Holland grill(Maverick) this past Friday. Friday evening we had the best steak ever(nice and juicy) Sat nite we had an even better tasting hamgurger and then last night(Sun) we put 1" pork chops on and they were even better than the Texas Roadhouse chops. My wife said I always used to dry everything out but not any longer. What a great investment!!! It is a truly amazing grill. Wish I had purchased one long ago. Probably will never eat out again!!!!


Get a spare bottle of propane, your going to need it. I found out I use my Holland more than my old flame thrower. I cook out at least 5 times a week!


So what was your secret to things turning out so great. I am also a new owner am still trying to figure things out. Def a great investment but still looking for the wow responce from my wife. Any tips you have would be appreciated.

Tom Kirkman

Here's some tips that should help.

1. Don't open the lid while cooking.
2. Try the recommended times listed in the Holland instructions and cook book, but adjust according to how you like your food cooked. I found that I needed to trim 2 or 3 minutes off the recommended times to allow for my grill's temperature and my personal taste.
3. Don't open the lid while cooking.
4. When you open the lid to flip food, just crack it enough to do what needs to be done and then close the lid. You lose less heat this way.
5. Don't open the lid while cooking.