Topic Title: Pretty Good Ribs
Created on June 15, 2011 at 08:25 PM

Tom Kirkman

I've done ribs several ways since buying my Apex. But due to how juicy all the food on my grill turns out, I wondered if all the trouble that so many rib recipes put you through is really necessary. I decided to find out.

With a half rack of St. Louis style ribs, I marinated them in original "Thomas Sauce" for about 8 hours in the refrigerator. Put them on the preheated Holland and slid in the smoke drawer containing a large fistful of hickory pellets.

Cooked 25 minutes per side, and then basted with some Thomas Sauce and allowed to cook 5 more minutes. That's all I did.

The result - very tender and fully cooked ribs. Delicious and hardly any trouble at all. The Thomas Sauce does have some sugar in it, so there was some edge blackening on the ribs. I might marinate with a strictly vinegar based product next time and save the sauce containing sugar for the last few minutes as a baste.

Either way, the ribs were great, cooked in under an hour and had a great, juicy, tender, smoky flavor. I was delighted.

Tom Kirkman

PS - I don't think this would have worked out very well on a "regular" grill.

Roll Tide griller.

Thanks.I'm gonna try that. I've beed having a tough time with my ribs lately. I like the burnt end parts left on there so this sounds right up my alley.